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Teddy Roosevelt used the term "bully" as an adjective to mean "wonderful" or "superb", and coined the term "bully pulpit" to mean a terrific platform from which to advocate an agenda.

An alternate definition of "bully" as a noun means someone who harasses or intimidates. The modern definition of "bully pulpit" reflects the misuse of the church pulpit by unenlightened preachers to bully followers into submitting to their twisted views.
I used to enjoy going to church until the preacher started using the bully pulpit to rail against homosexuals. This is not the message of Jesus! I have plenty of gay friends who are the kindest, most generous people you could know. I don't attend church anymore.
#douchbag #idiocracy #pastor #fred phelps #bully
by tnunnster May 02, 2010
A modern social disease whereby the afflicted have an uncontrollable biological need to shit out all of their menial mental musings.
Twitter whores should seek professional help for their cognitive dysentery.
#stupidity #blathering #social ineptitude #stream of consciousness #moronism
by TNunnster February 06, 2010
1. The active process of creating a culture of peace.

2. Shorthand for the federal Department of Peace
I'm so tired of all this violence. I need to get out and DoPeace.
#peacebuilding #anti-war #anti-violence #pro-peace #peacemaking
by TNunnster February 06, 2010
A commercial megachurch that attracts inbred, superstitious, blind faith saps that will believe and do anything they are told.
My brother won't shut up about how the great deals at godmart. What a christbag!
#christco #megachurch #christianity #islam #judaism #temple #synagogue
by TNunnster February 06, 2010
1) Any uncomfortable or painful swelling or growths associated with female reproductive or digestive organs, i.e. uterine fibroids

2) A female pain-in-the-ass
Cathy: "Sarah, why are you being such a hermorrhoid today?"

Sarah: "Cut me a break, bitch! My hermorrhoids are acting up again!"
#pms #bitch #pain in the ass #pia #hemorrhoid #ex-wife #ex-girlfriend
by tnunnster October 06, 2010
A person who uses their excessive wealth to surround themselves with trendy artists and overpriced works of art to elevate their status in society.
Artistocrats can suck my balls. I mean, really, get a freakin' life of your own!
#doughemian #snooty bastard #patron of the arts #knickerbocker #hoity toity
by TNunnster February 06, 2010
A person of substantial financial means living a nontraditional lifestyle. For example, an artist, author, actor or musician with a trust fund.
Apple stock options have created a new generation of doughemians in the Bay Area.
#artistocrat #ben & jerry #bum #kennedy #wealthy bohemian
by TNunnster February 06, 2010
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