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n. a musical fad with no lasting appeal; a corporately manufactured, disposable celebrity; a capitalistic money-making scheme; a cunt fart promoted to the status of an idol; the kind of music stupid women listen to.
Q: Hey, is that Lady Gaga?
A: Why yes, it is Briteny Spears.

Q: Hey, is that Lady Gaga?
A: Why yes, it is Kelly Clarkson.

Q: Hey, is that Lady Gaga?
A: Why yes, it is Katy Perry.

And I'm a brainless female and my opinion about music is worthless. I also want to be like Lady Gaga because she is isn't afraid to express her sexuality. She's so real! Please fuck me and call me stupid!
by tneveca February 25, 2011
n. a restaurant where you and your family can have a fun time and a great meal. Did you know that Macdonalds donates lots of money to charity?
Let's go to Macdonalds and have a shit sandwitch!
by tneveca August 27, 2009
v. intr. (creatively offensive) defecate, esp. into a toilet. The epithet elicits an image of a puffy, floating, brown log, and further revolts by identifying feces with food. In the latter respect, it resembles the expression, "pinch a loaf."
My girlfriend came out of the bathroom, and I said, "what did you do, float cake?" She laughed automatically, but then after a moment's reflection, looked at me with disgust and said, "ugh, float cake!"
by tneveca August 25, 2009
n. a piss and a shit. Number 1 plus number 2 equals 3.
Dude, man, I gotta take a three pointer.
by tneveca August 26, 2009
n. a lewd gesture by which a man allows one of his testicles to protrude from his zipper, then asks someone if he or she would like a "hairy timbit."
John: (testicle out) "Would you like a hairy timbit?"

Emily: (looking him in the face) A what? (then looking down) O fuck you!
by tneveca August 25, 2009
n. a bet won against impossible odds. The expression is derived from the untimely and unlikely death of the late Steve Irwin.
Jonathan pulled an Irwin Sure-Win at the casino last night.
by tneveca August 29, 2009
n. a glossy, smooth turd left lolling in the waters of the toilet bowl.
Who fucking left the Shania?
by tneveca August 27, 2009

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