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Lady Gaga leaked this song 4 days early - celebrating Judas betraying Jesus 4 days before Easter. A absolute perfection.
Have you heard judas by lady gaga?
by tmyrm April 16, 2011
The best school in the WUHSD. It's in friendly hills, but it doesn't mean everyone's rich. California High School's biggest competitor. This school's big in sports, and does many amazing things for it's students. Been around for about 51 years. Current date: April 25, 2012. This is the school for great education, finding great friends, in a safe neighborhood with many restaurants for after-school snacking. Many kids from different backgrounds, and it's a great time.
Dude, La Serna High School is so awesome! Do you want to go to Panera after school?
by tmyrm April 25, 2012
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