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a heavy coat or jacket, usually by a reputable skiing or snowboarding brand, which is worn indoors in a building that is clearly of a warm enough temperature, for the sole purpose of letting people know you are a bro.
guy 1: its like 70 degrees in here, why is he wearing his jacket?

guy 2: hes just showing of his bro coat with his bro friends, bro

guy 1: what a bro.
by tmob December 11, 2010
an combination of vodka and/or tequila mixed with orange gatorade. It is usually drinken in the morning after a night of raging, and was originally made in lake geneva, wi.

the name comes from the "electrolytes" from the gatorade and the "buzz" from the alcohol, which when combined sounds like the name of the pokemon electabuzz, which looks like a yellow zebra. The sunrise portion comes from the orange flavor of the gatorade.
guy 1: i have to be at work in half an hour, but im still trashed from last night. I need something to wake me up.

guy 2: dude, just drink some yellow zebra sunrise.
by tmob December 11, 2010
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