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Britalian is a term that functions as a catchy alternative to the more formal term Anglo-Italian or British Italian. Britalian capitalises on the duplication of the 'it' syllable in both British and Italian to form a cohesive blend of the two words. Britalians are British citizens or residents of Italian ethnic or national origin. Italians have resided in Britain since the times of Emperor Claudius' invasion in AD 43, in modern times however most British residents of Italian origin emigrated or their decendants emirgrated post-WW2 due to the extremly poor economic conditions in Italy. Britalians have long since contributed in every avenue of British culture, yet there is still an underlying xenophobic feeling directed t the Italian community in Britain. The sinking of the steamship SS Arandora Star on 2 July 1940 resulted in the loss of over 700 lives—including 446 British-Italians being deported as undesirable. There are of course several ethnic slurs specific to Italians which will not be listed here, but despite the Anti-Italianism mostly over the last century Italian culture and the Italian sense of identity for all the Italians the world over is still strong.
List of famous Britalians include: British Prime minister in the name of Benjamin Disraeli, the great linguist and lexicographer John Florio. Dante Gabriel Rossetti The poet, painter and translator. . Dame Anita Roddick, DBE founder of The Body Shop, Peter Bonetti 729 appearances for Chelsea, Lanfranco "Frankie" Dettori, MBE the very successful horse racing jockey. Lawrence Dallaglio OBE is a retired English rugby union player World Cup winner in 2003. Joseph William Calzaghe, CBE, MBE is a former professional boxer. . Musicians like Chris Rea, Paolo Nutini, Brian Johnson lead singer for the rock band AC/DC since 1980. Anthony Minghella Academy Award winner for Best Director. Armando Iannucci Scottish-Italian comedian, satirist, writer, director, performer and radio producer who's work includes; I'm Alan Partridge, The Thick Of It, Time Trumpet and the Academy Award nominated In The Loop for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2010. The list of famous British Italians goes on. Britain is an ecclectic mix of different ethnicities, cultures, languages and communities the Italian community in Britain has a strong sense of pride and will continue further itself in culture as well as contribute to British culture.
by tmeucci June 19, 2011

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La Cusine did the best pizzas in Bristol Town, the 16 inch Le Pepperoni, mix grill, the mexican, charquteri or the legendary grease-galore Meat feast. So many memories the friendly staff, the random pictures of dogs and motorcycles on the wall and most importantly the cheapest prices. Now though; the shutters have been down for a year or two, thus Bristolians depair at the demise of La Cusine: Our take away you can never fully take away from our hearts... now I'm off to cry allover a shitty Mccain's Microwavable Pizza.
Nick- Remember that delicious Pizzaria - La Cusine?

Ben- Of course! I'm not a Lobotomized Sausage Muncher.

Nick- Well some say..They saw smoke rising from the chimneys. The factory was back in business! But not a single person has been seen going into La Cusine, or coming out of it! I think it's oompa loompas or illegal imigrant workers.

Ben- Keep dreaming La Cusine is no more. Besides oompa loompas are extinct while imigrants are smelted down and turned into WD40 & kebab meat.

Nick- You make an interesting point, but please leave my bathroom I need to shave my legs.

Ben- No.

Nick- Yes.

Ben- ok
by tmeucci June 26, 2011

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