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An Insana is a person everybody knows about. He is somebody who is always there among your group, but is not friends with anybody in particular. Everybody in the group finds the Insana creepy and disturbing, yet are unsure of how to proceed. Insanas are known for their ragged facial hair, grimy skin, and bad sense of humor. Most Insanas can latch onto another person for months or even years.
Just because we're in the same Latin class doesn't mean Chris should follow me around all the time. I'm getting the feeling he might be an Insana.
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006
Somebody is known for doing and saying the most random things, usually at the most inappropriate or impromptu time.
What the hell was with James cracking up in the middle of English class? He's such a Strande.
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006
Named after the short but tenacious Syracuse point guard Gerry McNamara, a GMac is any inprobable clutch or momentous action a person pulls off, usually at the last second.
I can't believe Tom pulled that test grade out of his ass -- that was a total GMac.
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006
The act of two girls share a cock (or dildo) during sex.
Those two bitches are such sluts. Tom completely twangdillo'd them last night.
by tmck1352 December 12, 2006
During sex, when you pull out and jizz all over your girlfriend's bare midsection. The contrast of skin and white gives her stomach a distinctive look.
My girlfriend is so hot. Last night I gave her a massive pumpkin pie.
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006

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