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the act of focusing on an appealing portion of a person's body with a general disregard for the undesirable regions
Steve: Could you isolate the variable on that?
John: You know it. She's huge, but those are some mighty fine sweater cows.

Bill: You see that?!?!
James: You serious? She's hideous.
Bill: C'mon you gotta isolate the variable.
James: You right. She needs to turn back around though.
#isolate #body #attractive #focus #examine #check out
by tmack41 June 10, 2011
v. unexpectedly releasing gas from your anus as a result of uncontrollable laughter

n. the gas that is releaseed from your anus as a result of uncotrollable laughter
I almost ralphed when he showed me what was in the bag.

I watch comedies alone, becuase I'm afraid of ralphing in front of people.
#fart #laugh #gas #accident #embarrass
by tmack41 September 06, 2007
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