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When an old man marries a young woman one could say it is "like putting a marshmallow in a piggy bank", insinuating that the man cannot get an erection so it will not go in a young tight pussy.
Did you know old man jones married that hot stripper? It must be like putting a marshmallow in a piggy bank.
by tl_terry January 22, 2010
the number of sex partners one has had.
Hey sweetie, what's "your number"?
by tl_terry June 18, 2008
A pregnant sow. Term used by pig farmers. Derogatory term for pregnant woman.
That sow is full of pigs.
by tl_terry December 23, 2006
a term used to describe a woman who is going to have sex. A trapper skins his catch and stretches the fur over a board to cure.
I see Jenny is all dressed up for the evening. Maybe she is going out to get her fur stretched.
by tl_terry March 24, 2010
A man who has not had sex with his wife for twenty years and will kill any man who does.
Do not hit on that woman because she has an Irish husband.
by tl_terry February 06, 2008

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