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shallow, self absorbed, lowlifes who hang out in nightclubs or bars, seeking sex or social status with the other shallow, self absorbed lowlifes
“that guy stinks like KY jelly, he’s nothing but club scum”

“look at that club scum bitch wearin’ that low cut top to show off her boob job ”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
Reference to one’s own penis during an unexpected or unwanted erection
“I saw this hot chick at the bar and The Manchurian Candidate went rock hard, it was out of control dude, the thing has a mind of its own”

“I was talking to Betty at the swimming pool, when all of the sudden The Manchurian Candidate sprung into action… I was so embarrassed”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
combining the words “ass” and “catastrophe”, it’s a term for an excessively large, messy, and odorous bowel movement
“Damn! I just had an asstastrophe in the bathroom, you might want to spray some Febreze in there”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
a "satchel" is a really big bag... of "douche". So someone who is a really big douche bag, would be a "douche satchel"

an expletive, used in instances of anger/frustration
That guy almost hit me with is car, DOUCHE SATCHEL!
by tl77 November 22, 2010
mall ballin’ (verb) mall baller (noun)

woman who has sex for the purpose of receiving clothing or jewelry men, or has sex for the money to buy clothes and jewelry herself
“Cindy didn’t have the money to buy that new dress at Old Navy, so she’s mall ballin’ some dude in the Arby’s bathroom for 50 bucks”

“I didn’t know Cindy was a mall baller, if she ever wants anything from Claire’s Boutique let me know”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
is any mustache of intentionally bad taste, that is meant to be funny or ironic

(mostly worn today by hipsters or indie rocker, but cult film director John Waters and “Pink Flamingos” star David Lochary were both early pioneers of the style)
“that’s awesome! you look like a 70’s porn star sportin’ that pervstache”
by tl77 November 23, 2010
derogatory term for paparazzi, or anyone involved in the tabloid magazine/celebrity gossip business
“those guys at TMZ are a bunch of dirt merchants”

“Perez Hilton is a fucking low life, piece of shit, ass face, dirt merchant”
by tl77 November 23, 2010

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