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A popular nickname for Kobe Bryant, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. The nickname was popularized by a Nike commercial featuring LeBron James. Since Mr. James already had a popular nickname, "King James", Nike decided to come up with their own nickname for Bryant, and thus the Black Mamba was born.
" Bryant shoots from beyond the arc....Scores!!!! A beautiful shot from the Black Mamba, and puts his Lakers up, 90-88."
by tjprice33 June 09, 2009
An indie band from Chicago, The Hush Sound have been critically praised for having intricate layering of instruments and genres. Unfortunately, the band has so far failed to achive a large fan-base, and have had to go on a hiatus.
The Hush Sound are performing at Zydeco Theater tonight!
by tjprice33 November 01, 2009

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