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spanish equivalent of " Off tHe Hook"

-usually used by people living in southwest united states

-used to describe a cool environment sucha as a party, or one that has drugs.
1)"Hey Luis caile a la fiesta"

"no, seguramente esta bien culera"

"no aqui andamos al cien pareja"

2)"Llego el cargamento de drogas a san diego?"

"ya burlamos a los gringos, aqui ya andamos al cien compa"
#drogas #drugs #cartel #manguera #al cien
by tjpartys April 15, 2009
Any American person who likes to attend town hall meetings to "discuss" the healthcare reform debates when they have no clue as to what they are fighting for or against.

These people are usually 1 or more of the following:
1) Senior Citizens
2) Republicans
3) Uneducated
In a town hall meeting help by Rep. Robert Inglis

Healthcare Ignoramus: "Keep you goddamn government hands off my medicare!!!"

Inglis: "Actually sir, your healthcare is being provided by the government"

Healthcare Ignoramus: o.0
#medicare #ignorant #republican #democrat #liberal #obama #inglis #health #american #ass
by tjpartys August 11, 2009
The Act of trying to be something you're not.
Derives from the South African middle distance runner by the same name who won the gold medal for the 800 meter race in the 2009 World Championships.
Caster Semenya is clearly a man, just listen to HIS voice.
#transgender #caster #semanya #south #africa #america #sexual #lie
by tjpartys August 23, 2009
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