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5 definitions by tjbf55

a person who chronicles their daily minutia on facebook while believing that someone out there really gives a shit
Teresa is such a facebook faggot I know when she's ovulating.
by tjbf55 March 22, 2009
An emailed photo of genetalia
1.Got some Junk Mail from that guy I gave my number to last night. Not bad.
2. Ew, I thought that guy was normal but there was some Junk Mail from him on my phone this morning! What a creep!
3. Girl sent me some pics, ohhhh! I got a vajj jukebox up in my phone!
by Tjbf55 July 21, 2014
in re: Anthony Weiner

A life altering - possibly career destroying - mistake in judgement
That writing job I turned down at Groupon is turning out to be quite the twitter-typo.
by tjbf55 June 09, 2011
misreading directions or instructions
The card said suite 1104 but my duhlexia kicked in and I spent an hour looking for suite 4401
by tjbf55 November 18, 2010
call made accidently when one sits on his or her cell phone - resulting in the receivers' eavesdropping.
Man, got a booty call from Janet's cell yesterday. What an asshole, she's treats her housekeeper like a field hand.
by tjbf55 March 05, 2009