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5 definitions by tj procter

an other word for pussy or vagina
i'd like to fuck that chounch.
by tj procter March 28, 2008
it is a type of blood street gang in minnesota the dead body krew is the hardest gang around the midwest to get in you have to be a juggalo and can be trusted with Anything the dead body krew dont care if your dead or alive so go fuck yourself
Eddie,alex and sean are in the dead body krew.
by tj procter February 24, 2008
a mizorbit is just like a rasberry which is the act of blowing and making a fucking shitting sound fuckin sick
i give fat chicks mizorbits
by tj procter March 28, 2008
the act of exserting urself to a extent that your ballsac explodes all over evrey one
eddie had a major ballsac blowout
by tj procter March 28, 2008
a gay town in minnesota where hlf the kids chew tobacco and the other half suck cock for cash
i hate buffalo minnesota
by tj procter March 28, 2008