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I don't know why people say this is the richest county in the country. When there are two others in the state richer than Bergen. Morris and Hunterdon County are richer than Bergen. It is definently the most exciting county though. We're right next to the city and we throw the sickest parties. Bergen County also has its slums though. Hackensack and Englewood have there ghettos, crack heads, and gangs. Bergen is also home to the mall capital of the world(Paramus.) And the greatest weed in the state. And although we are known to be rich kids we're not. We just got the game locked and know how to party like we're ballin. So when it comes to the 201 we're the best and will shit on your Hometown any day.

201 too much green too much fun.
Guy 1: YO wats good is anything poppin tonight?

Guy 2: Lets just head to Bergen County theres always
something going on there.
by tittlywinks420 August 31, 2007

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