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Something that people find very entertaining.
The first lesbian sex I had was awesome. When I came home from work I found my girlfriend, Clare, who was only wearing fishnets and was masturbating on the couch.She unhooked my bra and flung it on the coffee table. She yanked my panties down, and rubbed my clit with her finger. I got even wetter, so she thrust her middle finger in, and eventually found my G-spot. She moved her finger round, as I loudly moaned “Oh, that’s good! OH, CLARE, FASTER, HARDER!!! OOHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”. Clare then moved her mouth to my warm pussy. She licked my clit, gradually getting faster. She kissed it, then gently slid her tongue into my hole. I was lying on my back on the couch, my feet behind my head. Clare’s head was in between my legs. She penetrated in and out with her tongue, while I begged her to stop, but I only said it because of the intensity. I squirted all my juices into her mouth as she reached for her vibrator. I was screaming at this point. Clare slipped the vibrator into my pussy and my orgasm was very long, and it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. After five minutes of the long, hard vibrator, she pulled it out and rested it on the coffee table. I did the same to her afterwards. Finally, I got a carrot from the kitchen. I returned to Clare in the TV room and traced Clare’s bulging clit with the carrot, while I licked her pussy. After about ten minutes, cum from Clare’s shuddering pussy came bursting out, splashing the couch.
by tits4u June 18, 2010

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