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Also known as HAMMER
It is a simple dash dash semi-colon. No shift or modifier keys (nerd term). No imagination needed.

--; encompasses all things. all numbers converge to --; especially what we like to call 'linear numbers,' like 1 and 2, that don't converge at all in normal situations. they are drawn more powerfully to convergence by the hammer

One who is part of the hammer revolution is PROHAMMER and opposite would be ANTIHAMMER. You do not want to be ANTIHAMMER.
gamer 1: headshot!!! pwned!!!
gamer 2: wat?
gamer 1: i mean... --;
gamer 2: fuck yea. rock on.
by titofan(PROHAMMER) July 19, 2005
one who is with the --; revolution. (Hammer Revolution)

The opposite of PROHAMMER is ANTIHAMMER.

kid: whoever did that is a BADASS MOTHERFUCKER
cooler kid: dude, swearing is for those who don't know how to use language well. try "PROHAMMER"
kid: whoever did that is PROHAMMER
cooler kid: fuck yea
by titofan(PROHAMMER) July 19, 2005
You are totally not PROHAMMER. Antihammer is the ultimate put-down or insult. You do not follow the ways of the --; (hammer).

The opposite of course, is PROHAMMER.
student: I'm sorry professor, I can't take this exam. It's antihammer.
by titofan(PROHAMMER) July 19, 2005
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