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The act of masturbation brought on by a sudden feeling of sadness. Crybating is commonly found after an unexpected breakup or divorce.
Aaron was pretty messed up after his breakup he is still crybating over her three weeks after she dumped him!
by Titanfan January 19, 2011
Female version of "free balling" refers to when a woman lets her pussy run free.
Dude Kelly must be easy she was loose kittens in geology today!
by titanfan January 17, 2011
The acting of hitting on ugly/wretched people for the sake of getting a date and avoid being alone on February 14.
Friend 1: Why is Drew hitting on that midget?
Friend 2: He has Valentine's day standards, he would hit on just about anything that could move at this point.
by TitanFan February 14, 2011
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