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When a person (typically a guy) goes out to see a movie, or visits a theme park, or place otherwise mostly occupied by couples or friends,but does this alone. This can cause sympathy from other people that watch them as they purchase tickets or enter the area. This is different from when a person grabs a cup of coffee, or sits in a coffee shop alone for a few minutes, or rents a movie, or eats fast food. Masterdating involves often going to a restaurant alone, and sitting at the table alone, while some people look and either feel bad, or think that the person is a looser, or going to see a movie alone. It is often done by older men that may be widowed, or by people that can't get a girlfriend, or are the "40 year old virgin" type
You: 4 tickets for (name of movie) please
Masterdater behind you: 1 ticket for (name of movie) please

You (thinking) awe, he's alone, i guess he's Masterdating.
by titagula December 10, 2010
Any Wall-Mart located in a bad part of town/ghetto
urgh, i have to go shopping.
Tyler Perry's house of Wall-Mart, wanna come?
"nope, i don't want nothing to do with that shit"
by titagula August 21, 2010
A person that has to do exactly what you tell them not to do, usually a smaller child, or annoying older child, or an adult with childish tendencies or ADD. This is not limited to just crossing lines, and also involves situations much like the following: "don't touch my hair" (at this point, the "line crosser" would poke the persons hair while saying "tooouuuchh") line crossers also have tenancies to be unimaginative, and do things like finding something, and naming it "Bob", "Fred" or "George" because they can think of nothing more original. (nothing against those names of people, just random objects) it is perfectly legal, and in fact, encouraged to smack line crossers when they do what they do, because it will eventually show them that in the real world, they will be beat up by people bigger than them.
PERSON#1: "Ok, i am on this side of the line, *points to line in sidewalk* now don't cross it please"
LINE CROSSER: *puts a toe/finger across the line* "look, i crossed it!"
PERSON#1: *smacks line crosser* "wtf did i say?!?"
by titagula November 28, 2010
When you put a maxipad in your pants upside-down and the sticky side basically gives you a "waxing" usually done accidentally when really tired in the morning, but done purposely on occasion as a way of female manscaping
sometimes, done by a guy as a dare, because of the pain caused, something the cast of jackass the movie will probably figure out soon enough.
Truth or dare?
Ok, time for you to go Maxi Waxing!
"i hate you."

nothing, i just maxi waxed...
by Titagula August 21, 2010
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