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A orange hotdog on a yellow bun that drives around making stops to promote Oscar Mayer hotdogs.

John's 3 ft long wiener, that is 18 inches tall.
The wienermobile raced down the street at 5 MPH.

John has a huge wienermobile, i want to grab ahold of it.
by tireball.com July 11, 2004
When someone acts like their life is over because of something stupid.
I dropped my marble in a hole, sunburst ice age. My life is over
by tireball.com July 10, 2004
A quick way to say Windows Internet Explorer. Came about in Japan when John, tired for saying it so often, shortened the the words into one quick word. Became popular in early 2004
I had to run the widows update from my winnernet browswer
by tireball.com December 04, 2004
another way to say bye bye or goodbye

a fast way to say goodbye or bye
I have to go, byebers.
by tireball.com July 15, 2004
Dutch word for speech

Commonly used and mispoken word.
Dit was mijn spreekbeurt.
That was my speech
by tireball.com July 11, 2004
When someone acts like a situation is larger then it is. Giving a person or situation too much credit.

When someone overstates the importance for something
Jaret Wright 1997 da m00n

that was the coolest thing ever, it was like 0mg da m00n da bizb0mb
by tireball.com July 10, 2004
Dutch for vagina

a clean way to say pussy
Melissa frequently plays with her schede before bed.
by tireball.com July 11, 2004

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