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the spot on a woman that you think is her pussy but infact is just her rolls
yo son, i was fuckin this fat bitch right, n i was hittin it hardcore n i busted on her eyebrow n i asked her if she came, n u know what she said? she said i never even put it in! damn son i was hittin the rollump again
by tiranicle teabagger November 18, 2007
the attempt to fart on a friends face while they sleep but accedentaly spackle it with a shitty spray.
TROYLEE: dude i tried to fart on my buddys face yesterday when he passed out drunk, and i accedentaly sprayed him with a little shit! hahaha i gave him a fuckin sooku surprize!
BURGER SHAQ BOSS: get the fuck back to work you freaky piece of shit!
by tiranicle teabagger November 18, 2007
telling a girl that you like them but you dont know how to tell her in person, so you can only tell them in a letter when infact you have no interest in the girl at all and to her knowege only finds this out when she gets home only to find a piece of shit stuffed in a envelope.
DANNY: wow mark, i think that girl really likes you. you didnt give her the slip did you?
MARK: fuck that girl! i gave her the slip!haha
DANNY: wow dude, what a fuckin shit slipper
by tiranicle teabagger November 18, 2007

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