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Slang term from the early 1990s meaning roughly "OH YEAH!" or "IN YOUR FACE!" or "THERE WE GO!"
1. He's going up for the dunk..and BOOYAH!!!

2. (Just won a game of Monopoly) "BOOYAH!!"
by Tipper March 09, 2003
1. Slang word for penis
2. House camp
3. One who indulges in anal pleasure etc.
4. Gay J
Manhood is second to none, when it comes to cock'N'bum fun.
by tipper September 16, 2004
A fascist organization that fears free speech.
God Bless the PMRC and their efforts to preserve, or impose, Christian values and raise our children for us while keeping their minds clean of thought.
by Tipper March 03, 2004
1. Mixture between faeces and cum (and anal jism) usually found after anal sex. To felch, eating this substance after anal sex (gay).
2. Annoying biology freak from America
Felch has a small willy.
by Tipper September 18, 2004
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