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A real bloody idiot who takes pride in failing and strangly some how enjoys coming last in every thing that he/she does!
hey u goobatron way to fuck up again!
by Tink September 08, 2003
to buy or steal something
in the words of missy elliott and timbaland "go up in the record store and cop that shit"
by tink August 13, 2003
Quare is often used as 'peculiar' in rural parts of the United States.
Andrew refuses to eat his greenbeans for no apparent reason, therefore his parents say he is just being quare.
by Tink October 29, 2003
falling down the stairs while being intoxicated and wetting ones pants
the next morning saras pants were all wet from her smittie the night before
by tink July 19, 2004
A girl who really knows who to play with the boys.
A girl that can have whom ever she wants whenever she wants.
by Tink February 05, 2004
used to diss an act/person/object considered cool by a certain sub-culture - considered rather pitiful by outsiders
those unemployed/uneducated rudeniks driving up and down outside the college trying to pick up high-school girls are so hardcore
by tink May 03, 2004
well, basically its the lunch on a young ladies chest which attracts to MOST kinds of the male spechie!
she sure has some heaving frontage that girl!
by Tink September 08, 2003

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