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Arch rival of Snooker Von Arwenhoser. Catpain pirate feline sailing The Seven Rooms, aboard the S.S. BlueChair.
Captain Tuber Von Itchenfleas and his swabbie, Frisky Nutpea burried their booty on Litterbox Island.
by Tink January 24, 2005
a keyboard player who trips over cables and does a very gay looking "step" in the stumble.
Whoa!! Did you see how faggy he looked when he stumbled?? That was a real 'Tinkerbell Dan'!!
by tink March 24, 2005
what you call the rudeboys who call the goths the goffniks
the rudeniks are out in force
by tink May 03, 2004
In the story of Captain Snooker Von Arwenhoser, she sails the Seven Rooms (not the seven seas) in search of Adventure, Danger, and Booty.
Litterbox Island is located in the tropical hemisphere of The seven Rooms
by Tink January 24, 2005
Arwen's Pirate alter ego. Captian of the S.S. BathroomSink; sailing The Seven Rooms, in search of burried treasure. Arch rival of Captain Tuber Von Itchenfleas.
Captain Snooker Von Arwenhoser ordered his first mate, Mousey the Weedwacker to return fire!
by Tink January 24, 2005
Island in the tropical hemisphere of The Seven Rooms. battleground for Tuber Von Itchenfleas and Snooker Von Arwenhoser.
Captain Tuber Von Itchenfleas burries his treasure in the sands of Litterbox Island
by Tink January 24, 2005
Battleship of Captain Snooker Von Arwenhoser.
Captain Snooker Von Arwenhoser crashed the S.S. BathroomSink into Litterbox Island.
by Tink January 24, 2005
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