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1.(noun)- a look of consternation, or disappointment.
2.(noun)- the face made when straining, or struggling to prove the vahaudec prinicple
"hey...did you see that vahaudec face on liz?"
"hey...did you think joel had his vahaudec face on, when he launched that corn schooner?"
by tina miller September 11, 2008
1) a mathematical axiom used throughout the ages, to help explain why corn sharks float.
2) initially used by pioneers in plankerville to gauge density
"did you see the corn shark that joel launched in plankerville? he just proved the vahaudec principle"
by tina miller September 10, 2008
also known as the restroom (men's or ladies); a term used to describe a safe haven, where people can poop in peace; plankerville usually has a janitor, or a person responsible for keeping it neat.
"where's joel?" "he's sick again, and had to go to plankerville"
by tina miller March 21, 2007
1) an involunatary vapor inhalation, caused by a bodily function.
"paul, go to plankerville to do that! i'm aroma-toking over here"
by tina miller April 24, 2008
a giant trombone is a commonly used term, for a really big paperclip
"hey joel....can you hand me one of those giant trombones?"
by tina miller March 21, 2007
1- (noun); food industry vernacular. term used to describe the practice of hiking one's jeans up beyond acceptable limits.
2 - (adj); slang. colorful description (usually on fridays) for food service cashiers
" did you see the high jeans on her today?"
" what about that crazy high jeans cashier?"
by tina miller October 17, 2008
1. the act of supplementing before, and after gym workouts
2. the act of visting plankerville before, and after meals
"hey is joel bracketing again?"
"yeah, but he's not in the gym this time, he's in plankerville again"
by tina miller December 04, 2007

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