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the used is one of the best bands ever. Coming from none other than Orem, Utah. With Quinn Allman playing incredible riffs with his electric guitar, Brandon smashing his drums, Jeph picking his bass, and Bert McCrakcen screaming emocore or sometimes singing so sweetly its almost peaceful.
They aren't known very well but everyone should check them out.
The Used have rediscovered real music.
by tina lard August 16, 2006
1) someone who adores goats
2) someone who owns a shoehorn
3) someone who doesn't listen to music
4) someone who can't dance well
1) She really likes goats, she's so diana.
2) Wow, that girl is so diana, she needs a shoehorn to take off her clothes.
3) I hate this song, i must be diana.
4) You can't dance for beans! You are soooo diana!!
by tina lard August 14, 2006

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