50 definitions by tina

something tht helps someone else and benefits you
mary"thanks for that buck"
chris"no problem afta thaat bisfo you gave me last night"
by TINA March 15, 2005
a woman who is rather large in size, broad and stocky, doesn't have a very pretty face.
"whoa, that bitch is lookin' beastly."
by Tina December 24, 2004
When a guy slips his tongue into his partners asshole like a frog
Tina squealed as John did the slider!
by Tina June 18, 2004
spinning, fast, zzzzz-cartoony
The Zoom out here is hectic all times of day
by tina December 04, 2003
an insult to someone who takes bout themselves or something that belongs to them
Suzy:omg i got these awesome jeans at the mall i look so sexy wit them!!
Marty: ur such a mef!
by TINA March 02, 2005
when girls got there shorts really short and there butt is almost hanging out.
ewwwwww look at the shwang on that nasty girl
by tina November 06, 2003
used to express a boring response. if your stuck with nothing to say.
Mel:...ANd that was my story
Cindy: Torf
by TINA March 02, 2005
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