50 definitions by tina

"fly for a white guy"
from The Offspring
in the futuer it might mean somthing eles but for now that s what it means to me
by Tina November 28, 2003
something hilariously funny or sarcastic
That grandma just fell down the stairs and her wig came off! It was so fondalus!
by tina March 29, 2005
small little creature that is 3ft tall
a little person with a big nose
by tina August 11, 2004
1.dan's mom
2. a sim

can be shortened to dippy or dippa
hey kwadippa! how' it going?
by tina July 11, 2004
Sad, having the blues, in a funk.
I dropped my ice cream on the sidewalk; it made me marfy.
by Tina August 12, 2004
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