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When something is so emotionally overwhelming that it paralyzes you (emotionally) as though the rest of the world is speeding along and you are frozen. This eventually leads to an emotionally slamming of your mind into the proverbial dashboard of life.
When I saw my beloved husband of 32 years naked in our jacuzzi with that 20 year old, I experienced a horrible emotional inertia. When I regained my senses a week later, I ran over him six times with my Hummer.
by Tina Ballance April 06, 2008
A person who shops obsessively and then returns everything. The buying or binging brings the "high" or emotional rush, and the returning allows them to still pay the mortgage.
Stacey trips me out, she is such a shopping bulemic. She shops and shops and shops but never keeps anything. Wal Mart is so gonna ban her from the store.
by Tina Ballance April 20, 2008
A name for a hand gesture you do to someone when you want them to do your bidding and/or change their mind for them. It is a reference to the Jedi mindtrick seen in the Star Wars movie where the Jedi says "these are not the droids you are looking for" and gestures and the bad guys reply "these are not the droids we are looking for and walk away. They really were the droids they were looking for.
Tina: "How did you get Max to work for you again so you could get a couple weeks off?"
Jeff: "I waved him off with the old Jedi mind control. It was easy."
by Tina Ballance April 11, 2008
A person who puts anything and everything on their ipod!!!
They are not picky, and will get up on any sort of download.
"She is such a podwhore, she has Limp Bizkit, Tom Jones and 2 "freecreditreport.com" commercials on that defiled ipod!"
by tina ballance May 22, 2008
The class you have to take in college when you can't cut it in real math! Short for remedial math.
After being out of high school for 18 years, and getting a 2 on the entrance exam math portion, I had to take remath 3 times.
by Tina Ballance April 10, 2008
When you are reunited with an old school chum after a ridiculous amount of time through one or the other of those high school websites.
It was so cool to see Beth after 20 years. Who would have believed I would have refriended her!!!
by Tina Ballance April 10, 2008
Having an ongoing "conversation" with someone on the computer.
Hey Curt, I have enjoyed compuversing with you and catching up on old times.
by Tina Ballance April 11, 2008

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