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a whip round for buying meow.
John "hey guys I seriously need you all to contribute to the meow kitty if we are going to party tonight"
by TIN Laden December 13, 2010
when an individual challenges him/herself to a massive pile of meow meow which resembles a mountain. e.g ben nevis
Chris - cor blimey i really fancy a line of meoooooow.
John - why not just have yourself a meowntain?
Chris - ok.
by TIN Laden December 10, 2010
When you get yourself into a deep, solid k hole and spend all your money on bet365.com betting on horse races.
Landlord - "where's this months rent"
User - "I sedated myself and took a gamble on the 3.15 at kempton, I lost"
Landlord - "I need the rent"
User - "blame ket 365"
Landlord - "prick"
User - "tosspot"
by TIN Laden December 02, 2010
A form of racist behaviour towards aftershave
Fred didnt like CkOne or versace blue jeans at all, he hated the way they looked, the way they smelt, and how they taunted him from the shelves. He should have kept his opinion to himself the dirty spraycist. There's no place for casual spraycism in our society.
by TIN Laden December 15, 2010
Taking its name from the already popular phrase 'village idiot', spillage idiot refers to a person or persons who spill stuff when in the company of others.
haha look at waudby he just spilt carrot juice all down his new gola tracksuit. What a spillage idiot!!
by TIN Laden December 14, 2010
When a member of the female sex gets a sudden urge to flick the bean in traffic.
The M25 was so busy on the way home tonight so I managed to squeeze in a couple of trafflicks to pass the time.
by TIN Laden December 08, 2010
Going out a getting really drunk on a Thursday night in anticipation of the weekend.
Right it's thursday, who's up for getting booooooooozy at Thursday Night Club?
by TIN Laden December 17, 2010

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