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4 definitions by timothy mark kluwen

nothing,ziltch,zero,empty,contains absolutely nothing.
Asked if he had won any money on lotto, sam replied,"nah got jack shit" There was jack shit left in the fridge.
by timothy mark kluwen April 16, 2007
To get out of a sticky situation, place or environment.
When Jack found out Jill was pregnant, he did a runner!
by timothy mark kluwen April 16, 2007
a one off. relating to biblical and present times.female,attractive,moves with little or no force.highly articulate and intelligent.chief or mastermind and /or both.
one of a group of gods, that when combined have a very powerful mind that no one can understand.a maddona has a nice ass.
by timothy mark kluwen May 12, 2006
to be nervous, a state of being nervous,shaking with fear,to be scared.
Fred was interviewing on the first day of high school.
by timothy mark kluwen April 16, 2007