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A pharmaceutical product sold in health food stores and marketed to athletes and bodybuilders. It comes in the form of powder which can be mixed with juice to provide "Super Retard Strength" to the user. Users of Tardex® report a drastic increase in physical strength for a period of several hours, usually accompanied by a marked decrease in mental capacity and an increase of salivary activity.

Tardex® powder comes in large, 1 kg. canisters and is generally mixed with apple juice. The instruction label is divided into "before use" and "after use" sections. The first part advises on proper dosage and recommends that the user wear a hockey helmet, The "after use" section, printed in 36 pt. type, simply stating "No! No! No! No touch! Bad! Bad! Go Away!"

"Super Retard Strength," a trademarked phrase of Downs Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has been frequently attacked as derogatory by the ARC and similar advocacy groups, playing upon the supposedly-abnormal muscular strength of mentally retarded people. Also, the claim that its active ingredient is "pure Seattle brain water" is disputed.
The U.S. Olympic Commission stripped the gold medal from the athlete for illegal use of Tardex, having been tipped off by the drool streaks on his jersey.
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by Timotheus357 February 23, 2008
A traffic pylon or cone, including cone- and barrel-shaped varieties, used for marking out areas of road work, closed lanes, or road hazards. Pronounced "stunk."
The car veered into the construction site and smashed a row of stunques before coming to a stop against the concrete barrier.
#pylon #traffic #cone #warning #marker
by Timotheus357 June 13, 2007
The ubiquitous, pink monsters in id Software's original Doom games. They have massive, snarling jaws and commonly killed with a chainsaw. Sometimes called "butt monsters" for their vague resemblance to a human posterior with legs, they are officially called "demons" by id Software.

The barrels exploded, killing a pinky demon and three imps.
#pinky #pinkie #demon #monster #butt #doom #id #software #chain #saw #chainsaw
by Timotheus357 January 21, 2009
An animated film released in France in 2003 by director/writer Sylvain Chomet. Originally titled "Les Triplettes de Belleville," the story chronicles the life of Madame Souza, the tough but lovable Portuguese grandmother of the orphaned boy Champion, who discovers and encourages his love of bicycling. Beginning sometime after World War II in the outskirts of Paris, the story starts with a hilarious television broadcast of an old performance of the Triplets of Belleville, a 1920's jazz trio reminiscent of the Boswell Sisters. The story then jumps to the 1960's, where an adult Champion, ruthlessly trained by his grandmother, has entered the Tour de France and is kidnapped en route by mobsters. Madame Souza and her slow-moving dog, Bruno, travel across the ocean to Belleville (an odd hybrid city containing aspects of New York, Montreal, and Paris) in pursuit of her grandson's kidnappers. On arrival, they run into the aging Triplets, now elderly women living in the slums and making their income through avant-garde performances on devices not designed to make music. Together, they must confront the French Mafia in an attempt to rescue Champion.

Produced by a French/Belgian/Canadian consortium, the Triplets is a masterpiece of animation with practically no dialogue (sure to bore those with limited attention spans or who cannot understand subtle humor), but is more than compensated for by the sound effects, bizarre animation, musical score, historical references, political jabs, and multiple cameo "appearances" by the likes of Josephine Baker, Django Reinhardt, and Fred Astaire (who is killed and eaten by his own shoes!).
Although I avoid animated films for their schizoid animation and general lack of plot, I have recommended The Triplets of Belleville to many people as not only the best animated film I've ever watched, but one of my favorite films of all time.
#triplets #belleville #triplettes #de #chomet #animation #french #mafia #mobsters #champion #madame #souza #bruno #de gaulle
by Timotheus357 February 23, 2008
Pronounced "stunk" -- an orange plastic cone used for directing or diverting vehicular traffic; a traffic cone; a traffic pylon
The green Volkswagen sped through the construction zone and veered into a row of stunques before crashing into the concrete barrier.
#traffic #cone #pylon #safety #orange
by Timotheus357 June 26, 2007
Resembling or having characteristics of a poodle. Often used for nondescript, overbred small dogs which look something like a poodle. Also may be used to describe a woman who has a hairstyle reminiscent of the poofy "lion cut" used on poodles, or who is overly yappy.
The woman was asked to leave the restaurant after the waiter spotted a small, poodile dog emerging from her blouse.
#poodle #dog #lion #bitch #shrew #yap #inbreeding #inbred
by Timotheus357 July 20, 2010
The forward arc of a toilet seat, which retains the penis while one is in a sitting position. Also refers to the corresponding part of the toilet bowl on public toilets with U-shaped seats. The dickrest should always be thoroughly cleaned when one is using an unfamiliar commode.
Frank sat upon the seat of the public toilet, not realizing until it was too late that the dickrest had already been touched by hundreds of male members that day.
#toilet #dick #penis #disease #seat #peckerest
by Timotheus357 December 09, 2007
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