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The latest attempt by an increasingly hostile world to annoy me into eating a bullet.
The emo boy has the kind of pathetic need for attention normally only found in goths, drag queens and politicians.
Much like those three groups, emo boys dress and act the way they do not to gain public approval or disapproval, but to get validation of an otherwise vapid, meaningless existence.
Most will grow out of it, thank Xenu, and the few who don't will descend to the level of sad self-caricature before, mercifully, taking their own lives using the most whiny, overly-dramatic means at their disposal. The suicide note will most likely be on the last page of his journal and will probably take the form of a poem that is, much like the rest of the book's contents, noticeably bad.
"Hey, there's an emo boy, want to beat him up?"
"What's the point? Nothing we can do to him will make his existence any more sad and pathetic than it already is."
by timokross July 10, 2008

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