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Exclamation of extreme surprise or annoyance.
Irritated person:"BALLSACK!!!! I REALLY FUCKED THAT UP!!!"
by TIMMY! January 14, 2004
One grimey scrub who likes to either sit in his room and play counter-strike, sit in his room and recieve blowjobs or sit in his room and rap.

Also kind of cute.
Dirty Del reppin RocaWear
I like it when you people stop and stare
by TIMMY! January 14, 2004
a very large penis
he has one helluva chimney sweeper. i was dingleberry-free for days.
by timmy! November 17, 2003
absolutely anything. best used in the form of an obscenity.
i am gonna twak ur ass motherf**ker (verb) you are a twakking twak (adjective/noun) twaktwak the twakity twak twakker befor i twak the twakishly twak twakness off your twakking face (???)
by Timmy! November 17, 2003

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