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The greek word for "chronicly good looking". Can also be used as a complement to any person that performs any action that is outstandingly impressive and makes him/her look like the goods.
Cause he/she probably is.

In ancient Aztec culture, the word 'Gledhill' was used to express elation and excessive euphoria.

In modern New Zealand culture, 'Gledhill' represents a person who is more-or-less, the man, particularly when preceeded by 'Tim'.
Frank: "Who's that?"
Jose: "Tim Gledhill"
Frank: "Fuck he must be cool!"
by tim gledhill April 13, 2008
Similar to a lie in mechanic definition but far more perceptive in a verbal sense of all factors within the present situation.

More aesthetically pleasing.

Pretty much a lie.
Tim: "That's a blatant lie!"
Tom: "Lie is such a crude word..."
Tim: "It was still a lie"
Tom: "Actually, t'was more of an imagination truth"
Tim: "....!?"
by tim gledhill April 13, 2008

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