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3 definitions by tim dip

Acronym for Bud Light Lime. Consumed for flavor by sophisticated under-aged drinkers. May also be consumed at HTT (see definition).
Guy 1: HTT tonight?
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I'll bring the BLL.
by tim dip June 13, 2009
pre-teen little girls. for anyone that likes there girls a little younger then the rest. occurs mostly on vacation.
Guy 1: damn that girl is hot!
Guy 2: dude, shes 14.
Guy 3: He really loves ptlg
Guy 1: whatever dog, i would still do it.
by tim dip March 29, 2009
Acronym for Hot Tub Tuesday.

1. Social gathering for males on Tuesday nights. Activities include discussing female features and drinking Bud Light Lime (aka BLL).

2. Metaphor for intense male bonding (homosexual moments may occur)
GUY 1: HTT tonight?
GUY 2: Hell yea, I'll bring the Bud Light Lime.
by Tim Dip May 13, 2009