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The smeared red lips resulting when one person performs cunnilingus on a woman during her time of the month. Resembles "the Joker" from Batman.
I was so drunk I didn't realize I ate her bloody snatch until the next day when I noticed I had a joker's smile in the mirror.
by tim's taint December 21, 2004
penis, dick, wang, dong, dangler; may be strangely shaped/ curved.
Abe thrust his old fellow in and out of his fat sister's wendy with such passion that they both got lost in utter bliss.
by tim's taint December 13, 2004
The act of analingus of two partners simulataneously... i.e. instead of going for the odd fellow and/or the old meat curtains, the rusty sherrif's badges are targetted.
Brody: "I wanna eat your butt."
Bruce: "No I wanna eat yours!"
Brody: "Let's salad 69 each other!"
slrrp slrrp slrrp ZWOOORRRNNNT!
by tim's taint December 08, 2004
puss, tuss, snatch, usually a young, inexperience female who has never shaved that monkey.
"Aghh dude, I got some hair last night... wanna smell my fingers? I think it was the first time she was banged."
by tim's taint December 08, 2004

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