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the art of getting an erection
im getting so horny i that im having a penis dance
by tim February 21, 2005
A common term used for AOL users with one hand, no common sense, and a newbie.
He just pulled an Avalar.
by Tim November 08, 2004
To have had ones website trampled to death by legions of www.penny-arcade.com readers.
Oh lord! Penny Arcade has wanged my site!
by Tim December 12, 2003

1. Extremely heretical.

2. Something that is heretical, but literally delicious.
1. Hey, remember that time we stole the Ark of the Covanent, then held out against the crusades? Yeah, that was infidelicious.

2. Porkchops during Ramadan? Infidelicious!
by Tim March 03, 2005
the mavrience knight
He Is Aswin
by Tim May 26, 2004
acronym for What Sex Am I. An expletive said when encountering a person whose gender is indeterminate.
Dude, check out that w'sai!
by Tim August 22, 2003
Sexy woman from up north. Is a frog. Also is a enemy of Mr.Roboto
Lynda is a sexy fox. She says ribbit when she is being a frog.
by Tim April 10, 2005

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