355 definitions by tim

A graffiti writer from Atlanta, Ga.
"You, that hush kid is up."
by tim January 23, 2005
Slang for the Univesity of Pittsburgh campus
Hey, I am in Oaktown, where can I get a sandwhich?
by Tim March 29, 2005
People who support human righs and the advancement of the human race.
Opposite of Pro-Life which is a Synonym for Moron
I'm so pro-choice I wish all pregnant women had abortions! Fuck your Christian standards!
by Tim June 28, 2003
A very cool person with morals self respect and respect for others.

Most often respecting other people more than they dude.
The anti gay was tring to talk the homosexual out of being gay. Considering homosexuality is a choice you make.
by Tim June 01, 2004
A lil girl who thinks her sister is Jabba the Hutt, she hates her family and she luffs her dogs and her piggy Octopus!
"Misha is so cool!"
by Tim February 09, 2004
a hot jewish girl hot hebrew honey
dam she's triple h
by tim March 07, 2004
when an old man gets his cock caught in his old lady's bush
damn lady FORREST GUMP
by tim September 06, 2003

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