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To hold the recipient by the back of the head and insert one's penis into another's mouth forcefully and deeply. Most likely giving the skullfuck-ee less enjoyment than the skullfuck-er.
Skullfucking is fun until someone loses an eye...
by Tim August 22, 2004
to drop knowlege on someone is to drop some brains on them in other words to cum all over them, bust a nut etc.
damn that girl is fine i'd love to drop some knowlege on her
by tim February 13, 2005
I liberal's utopian world
socialism will never work
by tim July 22, 2003
1)(Noun) The best place on earth
2)(Adjective) Toughest kids alive
1. Welcome to West Roxbury home of the strong and shitted
2. Holy shit that kid is tough...he must be Westie
by Tim April 12, 2005
Visayan islands in the philippines is a great place. Cebu is probably one of the nices places in the world, while Luzon, is a polluted dump. If you plan to go to Manila and Quezon City, don't bring anything fancy while walking in the streets or you'll get mugged. Not to mention the flying cockroaches...
Go to the Visayas if you want a resort.
by Tim March 15, 2005
A gorup of mostly Black men and some black woman. Most of there followers are from the hood and ghetto. And a lagre number are in the jails and prisons accross america. They beleive the black man is the supreme being on earth, and the white man is the devil. The profess to strive for knowledge/truth/understanding. There nubers are small hence 5%, research shows there real number of members accross the world are less then .003%, Most in America. They believe the White man was created by a scientist. They usually give themself a new name after they obtain "knowledge of self" aka become a five percenter. They claim to teach the truth about all things, and if they dont have an answer to something, they comment "we speak only of what we know."
My nigga Jayquam just recived knowledgeof self yester day, now he be called Everlastin. He has become a beliver in da truth now he one of us Five percenters, for life dog.
by Tim August 31, 2004
A graffiti writer from Atlanta, Ga.
"You, that hush kid is up."
by tim January 23, 2005

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