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Still reeling from the buzz esp. in surfing or another extreme sport after an awesome session.
"Man, those sets were perfect - I'm well stoked"
by Tim December 02, 2003
To go crazy.
Jane used to get good grades until she fell off the truck. Now she's locked away in the mental instition and eats her food through a straw all day.
by Tim June 04, 2004

He Is A Dre
by Tim May 26, 2004
Awesome Metal band formed in 2001 out of detroit Michigan.
Dude seeing gauntlet is like a once in a life time experiance.
by Tim June 01, 2004
A test that makes everyone really nervous during junior year, but isn't even really that difficult. Besides, colleges don't really care about it that much anymore. You've got to be "well-rounded."
I got a 1600 the second time I took the SAT.
by Tim October 27, 2003
this means simply "drunk"
"We gonna go to the club and get krunked with Britney."
-The Ying Yang Twins, "(I Got That) Boom Boom," In the Zone
by Tim March 10, 2004
Verb: To fuck someone. Typically performed directly in the ass using a banana touched by the great KOKO.
If you don't stop teaching biochem I'm going to rill you in your ear you strumpet.
by Tim February 23, 2004

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