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when ur driveing and your bitch goes down on u and orally pleases u till u bust in her mouth and almost wreck ur car.
hey if i give u a ride home u owe me rode head.
by tim May 19, 2003
a kind of weasel of the two-legged variety.
That was such a low thing to do, Jack. You are a real fartknocker.
by Tim January 05, 2003
a friend (usually a tonya) that makes you feel good when you feel like shit, cares about others, and is a "superior" friend
A Tonya with the last name begining with an R
by Tim April 20, 2005
double penetration
see cock fight
by tim September 18, 2003
To put the Blinkers on some1 Means to knock them out.
Yo ima bout to but the Blinkers on this cat.
by Tim September 03, 2004
A young girl with a lot of potential, strong, responsible, full of compassion, a leader
That girl must be juju
by Tim July 09, 2004
an arabian, terrorist, towelhead.
watch out, that baner might have a bomb in his backpack!
by tim December 12, 2003

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