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Vote third party is code for smoking weed
hey man, do you vote third party?
by tim March 13, 2005
A subsitute word for crap. A word that isn't as cursed as crap. Instead of 'crap,' people use 'crud' because they think 'crap' is too effensive. A mad saying of 'crud,' except it's 'Aw Crud.'
Aw Crud! That bossy asshole told me to movie my freakin' car!
by Tim August 16, 2004
used to describe an indian person who tries to be black by wearing hip hop themed clothes and shiny basketball shoes.
ranjeet is a stupid ass nigdu! hey you know how his flying lessons are coming along? i heard he skipped the landing lesson...
by tim May 17, 2004
to kill by slitting the throat
i'ma jugulate you, you trick-ass motherfucka
by Tim April 07, 2004
To be fooled or wronged by a sow.
I liked that sow a lot but she fucking slighted me.
by Tim January 19, 2004
where you sit on the toilet and take a shit eat a sub and get head at the sametime
yo i got a sumper blumkin at lunch
by Tim January 02, 2005
Similar to scrub, grot is used to define an unclean or otherwise dirty event, person or thing.
Today I was a grot and wore the same clothes I had on yesterday.
by Tim August 23, 2004

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