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355 definitions by tim

Vote third party is code for smoking weed
hey man, do you vote third party?
by tim March 13, 2005
16 6
A subsitute word for crap. A word that isn't as cursed as crap. Instead of 'crap,' people use 'crud' because they think 'crap' is too effensive. A mad saying of 'crud,' except it's 'Aw Crud.'
Aw Crud! That bossy asshole told me to movie my freakin' car!
by Tim August 16, 2004
14 4
used to describe an indian person who tries to be black by wearing hip hop themed clothes and shiny basketball shoes.
ranjeet is a stupid ass nigdu! hey you know how his flying lessons are coming along? i heard he skipped the landing lesson...
by tim May 17, 2004
15 5
to kill by slitting the throat
i'ma jugulate you, you trick-ass motherfucka
by Tim April 07, 2004
19 9
To be fooled or wronged by a sow.
I liked that sow a lot but she fucking slighted me.
by Tim January 19, 2004
16 6
like retard, but only cool people say it like vicky
me "dude, sarahs a retred"
vicky "bush is more of a retred"
alice "gay? who said gay, im not gay, who said i was gay? tom whites not gay, shut up!"
by tim January 06, 2005
21 12
where you sit on the toilet and take a shit eat a sub and get head at the sametime
yo i got a sumper blumkin at lunch
by Tim January 02, 2005
15 6