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Similar to scrub, grot is used to define an unclean or otherwise dirty event, person or thing.
Today I was a grot and wore the same clothes I had on yesterday.
by Tim August 23, 2004
you put it on your foot...
i hate wearing socks, but its the cool thing to do!...now if only i was cool.
by tim October 22, 2003
like retard, but only cool people say it like vicky
me "dude, sarahs a retred"
vicky "bush is more of a retred"
alice "gay? who said gay, im not gay, who said i was gay? tom whites not gay, shut up!"
by tim January 06, 2005

1. Bastard-like

2. The description of one's actions being like that of a bastard
Chris bastardly chastised Dan for his inadequate performance even though he didn't deserve it.
by Tim November 10, 2004
sweet, gnarly, awesome
That backside 540 that kid just did was nector.
by Tim January 02, 2004
To experience another reality on acid or shrooms.
I had this time loop trip where I walked out of the phone booth and into the car and everytime I got in the car, I was back in the phone booth. I walked up the stairs to go to the bathroom and each step was a layer of hell that lasted for an eternity until I flew out of the stairs in a spaceship.
by Tim March 13, 2003
A person who likes the feel of warm cake against their black penis.
Omar is mcniggacake because of his cake fetish.
by Tim May 06, 2005
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