355 definitions by tim

you put it on your foot...
i hate wearing socks, but its the cool thing to do!...now if only i was cool.
by tim October 22, 2003
a broke down wanna be gangster
look at that nerd hanging around those gangters, he wants to be a gangster, but he's a wangster
by Tim October 29, 2002
get a girl from behind...spit on her back so she thinks u busted and then.... when she turns around to see the action... BAMMM... bust in her face.
" i gave a girl the bigges philly ever! She was covered!"-tim
by Tim February 25, 2004
its all good
how are you?
all is well in the cosmos
by tim October 20, 2003
sweet, gnarly, awesome
That backside 540 that kid just did was nector.
by Tim January 02, 2004
prescripted drug to put you down for a good 8 ours
11 straight hours of work...time for ambian for a good beddy-bye.
by tim June 21, 2005
A person who likes the feel of warm cake against their black penis.
Omar is mcniggacake because of his cake fetish.
by Tim May 06, 2005

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