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My dream land. Sunshine. A land of the best amusement parks, the beautiful blue ocean, Los Angeles.. dont forget the LA Lakers.. Hollywood, palm trees, rollerblading, suntanning, hot guys, beachbabes, oranges, grapes, mountains and deserts, and Arnold Schwarzenneger as governor (heheh)
I dream of California
by Tigre April 28, 2004
a god. better than god.
kurt vonnegut is much cooler than you.
by tigre December 22, 2004
this phrase comes from the hot chick from minnesota who happens to be named cheeko. it is an adjective similar to sexy
boy, that chick sure is cheeko hermanson.
by tigre December 22, 2004
Lexy -- short for "Alexus" which is my puppys name. Had to dedicate an entry to her.. i just had to.
Lexy is the cutest puppy.
by Tigre April 28, 2004

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