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2 definitions by tigerish

The Human Connector. Brittanies have a Peaceful yet Flashy Magnetism. You want to Talk to & Listen to this person. They know a lot. Quick to act, this person dances through otherwise closed doors of Communication. Strong-willed, Artistic, well-mannered, honest & downright Funny.
I was out of touch with my Cousin, until we got some savvy Brittanie. Brittanie was the link needed to have a better relationship.
by Tigerish March 05, 2010
127 37
A threesome with two girls and a guy, where one girl is siting on the guy's head, and the other girl is sitting on the guy's male parts . The girls are high-fiving over the guy to make the eiffel tower shape.
Anna and Wendy took me to a female Eiffel Tower last night! Dude, it was magical!
by tigerish April 30, 2012
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