14 definitions by tiger

selfish, smart, rude and bitch.
selfish, smart, rude and bitch.
by Tiger May 03, 2003
People from Gods country.
by Tiger September 29, 2003
This is my word that no one else can use! hehe. when something is cool.
me: can i go to the movies?
parents: sure, here's a 20.
me: SCORE!!!
by Tiger April 26, 2003
forrest. yup he has myspace herpes.
get only chicks to post 30+ comment on his page a day. he donsn't know a single one.
by Tiger March 31, 2005
When a guy let's his dog out to make a group of girls stop.
Yesterday a group of guys let there puppy out so my friends and I would stop to catch his dog.
by tiger March 26, 2005
A lazy scumbag who contributes nothing by pretending to be ill.
He's was a total Appleby, taking money of his employer but never doing any work.
by Tiger September 25, 2003
What I say loudly when I sneak up behind Tess and/or Meagan and make them scream and shit themselves.
by Tiger April 05, 2005

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