26 definitions by tiff

A person who is medium pimpin/caffiene high constantly
"Spaz is the sheeeit"
by Tiff February 21, 2004
that highly intoxicating, Liver damaging, mind addling crap grnadpa made
He had a still and called it special tonic...special alright...he's in the hospital now with dementia!
by Tiff September 01, 2003
is another word for fuckin also to shorten it..it can b used as neck= fuck
neck up u neckin parrot
by tiff July 09, 2003
Pussy On Demand

When you have sex with a girl whenever you want.
One of the good things of having a girlfriend is POD!!!
by tiff June 30, 2006
stupid person, airhead, slow
1 + 1 doesnt equal to 11, it equals to 2 ya goober!
by tiff March 12, 2004

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