26 definitions by tiff

A word Will uses when he OWNS you
I can't wait to poonzer you
by tiff November 12, 2004
Your ankle.(Hebridean)
My quweets are a driech.
by tiff March 25, 2003
a place you buy fruit
I'm goin to the fruitstand to get some apples and bananas
by tiff November 09, 2004
asian sensation supporter
by tIFF March 01, 2003
A word Dave made up.
Dave : poosu
Dave : lol
Tiff: poosu?
Dave : yeah
by Tiff January 27, 2005
A common hair style mostly found in girls where the back of the hair is spiked outwards and shit and it looks hott!
look at that girl! she has a duck butt!
by Tiff April 09, 2003
one of the best comedians out there today. Anyone who thinks differently can just bite me!
If your wife tells you "Move this transmission so I can take a bath!" you might be a redneck.
by Tiff April 23, 2005

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