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A dead hooker found in the middle of nowhere. Her eye has been poked out by the killer with his penis as he skull fucked her to death. Also strips of skin are missing because the killer has taken them to make lampshades or other articles of genuine leather clothing which he then sells at flea markets. Also dead remains are covered in fecal matter from multiple sources.
"Hey Hank you see that Texas Tramp over on the side of the road about 20 miles back?"
"Why sure I did Homer. Did you see the way her eye was missing because it had been fucked out of her head?"

This here jacket is make of !00% genuine Texas Tramp leather!
#texas #tramp #tea #party #hooker #dead #eye #missing #clothing #skin #leather
by Ticklemypickle69 August 10, 2009
when driving through Texas (or any other Midwest/Southern state) your car breaks down in the nighttime. The "friendly" locals all liquored up on moonshine (Texas Tea) come to help you out. But instead of helping you with your car they all gang rape you until you are a bloody mess.
"Hey Jimmy what took you so long to get to my house it almost 4 am? and why do you look like shit?"
"my car broke down and those F&*%ing Texans raped the shit out of me"
"wow was that your first Texas Tea Party? because I've been to three. they sure are fun aren't they?"
#texas #tea #party #rape #sex #anal #fag #faggot
by ticklemypickle69 August 09, 2009
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